Uniroyal Chemical Research Facility

Building History:

The Northern Rubber company built and opened their facility here in 1920, where they manufactured rubber footwear, running shoes, toe rubbers, galoshes and women’s velour slippers. In the early 1940’s the company was taken over by Dominion Rubber, later becoming home to Uniroyal followed by a multinational chemical producer, Chemtura. The site was purchased for condominium and home development sub-division.

Project Summary:

The Deconstruction and Demolition teams worked in tandem to remove over 1000 Linear Feet of Douglas fir and Pine Beams, as well as 15 laboratory cabinets. A long list of salvage items was also gained from the 3 buildings comprising the full site.

Items Salvaged

  • Front Staircase – Newel Posts & Balusters
  • Vintage Steel & Wood Sliding Fire Door
  • Vintage Wood & Wood w Glass Doors
  • Antique Warehouse Double Doors
  • Wood Freight Elevator Gates
  • Research Lab Desks & Cabinetry
  • Toledo Lolly Pop Weigh Scale
  • 7400 linear Feet of 9.5” by 11” Douglas Fir Beams