Parkside HS, Dundas

Building History:

The 1960’s Mid Century Modern School’s most notable feature was the front portico. This was long considered to be one of the Architectural Icons of Dundas.

Project Summary:

BD Salvage was commissioned to remove all the significant pieces from this former high school in Dundas prior to its demolition. BD Salvage began with a site assessment to gauge the amount of contents as well as the amount of effort required to salvage them. While the portico was considered for salvage, it was not possible to salvage it. Several items however were able to be removed. The removals had to be coordinated with the Asbestos Abatement team, so as not to interfere with the overall project schedule.

Items Salvaged


  • 21’ Mosaic Mural
  • 7000 sq. ft. of gymnasium flooring
  • 1000 student lockers
  • 30 sets of gym lockers
  • Marble from gym shower stalls
  • Stage lighting
  • Vintage Pencil Sharpeners
  • Room Numbers & Names