Hotel Dieu, St Catharines

Building History:

In 1948, the original Hotel Dieu opened as a small maternity hospital in the large Victorian building, the Woodruff Mansion. Land donated across the street would become home the new hospital in 1952. Adjacent to the property were 2 turn of the century Victorian homes which would eventually become part of the overall hospital as outpatient clinics.

Project Summary:

After abatement process was completed in the Victorian homes, selective deconstruction took place to save items novel to most homes of that era—these homes were definitely of the wealthy class. Removal of the Vault door, and Single Man Elevator Car was coordinated with the demolition team as they required machine lift out. Additionally, one demo team member took apart the spiral staircases located in the hospital piece by piece.

Items Salvaged

From Hospital:

  • 2 Circular Cast Iron Staircases
  • Vintage Industrial Lighting
  • Vintage Clocks
  • Lockers
  • Stainless Steel Sinks

From the attached Victorian Homes

  • 1900’s Vault Door
  • 1900’s Single Man Elevator Car
  • Newel Posts & Bannisters
  • Front Entrance Columns
  • Corbels