Bowlerama, Stoney Creek

Building History:

In 1958, Lucky Strike Lanes opened, in 1968, it was taken over by Bowlerama. Since then, the bowling alley had been a thriving “go-to” destination for many families, bowling leagues and parties in the Stoney Creek area. It featured both 12 lanes of 5 Pin and 12 lanes of 10 Pin bowling. The property was purchased by a developer and will soon be family homes.

Project Summary:

At the time of demolition, the building was in a state of dis-repair. The elements and vandalism had taken its toll. A full assessment was done by both the Deconstruction and Demolition Teams. It was determined that the only salvage from the building would be the bowling lanes. The Deconstruction Team prepped the lanes for removal. The Demolition Team created a hole in the exterior wall for lane removal and worked in conjunction the Deconstruction Team to recover the lanes.

Items Salvaged

  • 3000 sq. ft. of wood bowling lanes