Hamilton Heritage

Budget Environmental Founded

Budget Environmental was founded by Bill Bartels


Budget Demolition Begins

Budget Demolition started demolishing buildings, recycling and diverting as much waste from landfill as possible.


Regional Transfer Station Opened

Regional Transfer Station Hamilton

Regional Transfer Station opened at 375 Gage Ave N, Hamilton and Budget Environmental moved to this location


Incorporation of 3R’s

2009 – Budget Demolition started incorporating a 3R’s recycling program on all demolition projects, with a 97% waste diversion from landfill success rate.


Salvage and Storage of Interesting Items

Budget Demolition started salvaging interesting pieces from structures and storing them, building inventory for a future store


BD Salvage Established

BD Salvage Budget Demo Logo Hamilton Ontario

BD Salvage was established

Budget Demolition Acquires Former Kennametal building

Kennametal building salvage

Budget Demolition acquired the former Kennametal building at 371 Sherman Ave N


The soon to be home of Budget Demolition and BD Salvage

Bd Salvage Warehouse Hamilton

Construction started on restoring the rundown mid-century modern gem – the soon to be home of Budget Demolition and BD Salvage

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