Hamilton’s Very Own Salvage Warehouse

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Hamilton’s Very Own Salvage Warehouse

Salvage – What’s All the Fuss About?

Ever had that “wow” moment over a car, a house, a building, a barn, or a boat? Where you just take a breath and imagine… It’s that appreciation for the design and build of days long gone – not to return – that create the experience around salvage.

Architectural, Structural, Automotive, and Nautical

In fashion and home décor, trends change almost weekly. But in demolition, things seem to change at a much slower pace.  The main driver behind demolishing a building has always been about quickly getting rid of an unwanted structure as cheaply as possible so it can be replaced with something modern, like a new building.

While that does sound like the fashion industry, the big difference is that in fashion, trends seem to come back every so often. I’ve never thought that was the case for demolition, until now.

Changing Outlook and Sustainability

With growing awareness and a cultural shift towards focusing on a greener future, individuals are looking at their impact on the environment and are searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. From electric cars to off-the-grid homes, things are changing. Increasingly more people are looking to deconstruct rather than demolish – meaning dismantle a structure systematically, piece by piece, and reuse as many of the structure’s components as possible, while recycling the rest. This would achieve a 95% diversion of the unwanted structure from landfills.

So, this opens a whole other discussion: what to do with all the salvaged items. Some items end up as a charitable donation, such as cupboards that aren’t stylish but are still functional. But what about the interesting items? Where do the post beams, vintage fixtures, and wood flooring go?

There is a growing trend in décor fashion, people are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces. Items like industrial metal window frames, industrial carts, vintage lighting, newel posts, bannisters, barn board, timbers, corbels and columns are highly sought after by interior designers, architects, and DIYers alike.


Who knew that what people used to build for themselves would become a major industry of do-it-yourself individuals. So many people are creating new and unique items from old, would-be discarded items. Hobbyists and businesses are re-creating new from salvage.

Statement Pieces

Society has refined our need for individuality. In our homes, vacation homes, offices, or yards, we look for pieces that reflect our tastes. Sometimes, they are architectural – part of vintage car or boat, or from an old garden, maybe even an old sign. Salvage turns into art, and art is in the eye of the beholder.

Antique stores will pick up some items, but to answer the demand for reclaimed and salvaged items in a substantial way, more must be done.

We have always been involved in the salvage industry in Canada. Starting in the fall of 2017, Budget Demolition formalized its salvage program and established a dedicated team, BD Salvage, to look after all deconstruction and salvage of unique items.

Along with this, an industrial building a 371 Sherman Ave N. was purchased to open a salvage warehouse store, where all the items can be showcased, in a climate-controlled environment. Extensive restoration on the warehouse and offices is well underway, with a targeted opening early fall of 2018.

This fresh take on a warehouse is the modern version of the old wrecking yard. It is a long-term solution to waste diversion and bringing one-of-a-kind pieces to the market. Moving forward, as old buildings reach the end of their life span, the features that gave the building its character can continue as treasures from another era.

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